Fur Rondy 2011 Day 3

Even though the windchill was cutting through you, there was some awesome sled dog racing going on. It was definitely worth dealing with the weather to see the race.

I missed day 2 of the sled dog races because I shot the dog weight pull. I missed some good racing that day, but it was worth it.
Most of the action was happening on Cordova Street and 4th Avenue and then at the finish line. Egil Ellis was the winner and well deserved.

The weather didn't keep the crowd away either. The temperature again was about 20°f, but with windchill it was about 4°f. I think the kids tolerate it better than the adults.

There's still lots of Rondy going on. Check out the schedule of events by clicking here. I'll be out and about checking more of it myself. Also, be sure to have your Fur Rondy pin on so the Rondy cops don't bust ya.

Also, the Iditarod starts this Saturday March 5th. I'll miss the start due to the real job getting in the way.

Thanks to Britt my photography buddy for tolerating me yesterday. You can see her Rondy photos by clicking here. You can even see photos from day 2.

For more of my Rondy photos, click here.


CK Ng said…
It must be very cold out there. Happy WW! :)
Binky said…
It's not everywhere where you can see dogsled racing down city streets.