An interesting day Around Anchorage & Wordless Wednesday 2/9/2011 with a few words

Moose were everywhere this morning. This one is outside Denali Elementary, which is almost downtown. Is he sticking his tongue out at me? Is that little girl sticking her tongue out at me? Sheesh!
These gals were near West Chester Lagoon. Notice the collar on mom? That helps Alaska Department of Fish and Game track their movements. It's amazing how much moose move around town. If you get the chance, watch Moose on the Loose on Animal Planet. My hero, now retired, Rick Sinnot and Jessy Coaltrane of ADF&G is highlighted. They show how they have managed to keep wildlife like moose and bear in an urban setting without major issues.
This guy had a comfortable spot to watch and be out of the way. What was that song, "Up on the Roof"?
A gazillion Bohemian Waxwings were attacking the trees in the neighborhood for about 5 minutes and then they were gone. This is just a small group of them. It was neat watching them swarm, stop, swarm, stop and then they were gone.
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Sara Chapman said…
Love the big bunch of birds. When I used to live in Northern California, there would be flocks of birds that would fly all in a ball. It was something to see.
Beth F said…
Just a bit of wildlife. I too like the birds.
Niamh Griffin said…
Moose! Goodness, that is serious Americana for me, great shots! How long does the snow last over there?
Jo said…
I look forward to your photos every week. Today, I got smart and added your feed to my reader. :)

Great photos!!!
Meggie said…
Great moose shots! You know how I ADORE moose. How did that poor doggie end up on the roof?
robin andrea said…
Great photos, dave! Always love seeing moose, and especially when they are just hanging around in town. What an incredible sight that must be. Wonderful shot of those Waxwings too!
Dave said…
Sara & Beth - Thanks!

Niamh - oh the snow will be gone in April or May except on the mountains.

Jo - Why thank you!!!

Meggie - that doggie looks like he hangs out on that roof. He wan't stressed or even concerned that I was taking its photo.

Robin - We had lots hanging around town that day for sure. The waxwings are a blast to watch.
Way Way Up said…
We certainly get out fair share of waxwings here in our trees. Definitely one of my favourite species!