Valentine’s Day is not a blown out affair with me

I don’t spend a lot of time on getting ready for Valentine’s Day. About a month before the holiday, the retailers start putting things out. They seem to go Valentine’s Day crazy and go all out for candies and cards and I’m more than happy to look at what they got and start selecting what I need.

I usually buy all the ladies at the office where I volunteer a large Hershey Kiss. They’re all hard workers there and I love cheering them up. They’re the best and I feel they need to know they’re appreciated and loved by us volunteers.

My special Valentine and I don’t go way out on buying expensive gifts. It’s generally a couple cards with a special meaning inside, some really good candy (Godiva Chocolates usually goes well) and then some quality time together. With Valentine’s Day coming on a work day, it does make it a little hard scheduling the quality time.

I always like adding something humorous. It’ll be nothing really embarrassing or anything like that. Just a little giggle reminder of a special time, place or memory. I think the worst Valentine’s Day present I’ve ever received was a weed eater. Needless to say, the romance was over in that relationship.

Anyway, Valentine’s Day is not a blown out affair with me. It’s just a little recognition of the ones that are special to me and letting them know that they are.

Comments said…
I can't wait until I get the gift from you!
Dave said…
What, I didn't knock you over with the birthday card? :)