World Championship Dog Weight Pull. Fur Rondy 2011

It was a pretty sunny day, and the temperature was around +20°f. But with the wind blowing, the wind chill temp was down right cold. That didn't stop the crowd or the dogs at the 43rd Annual World Championship Dog Weight Pull.

There was action all afternoon long. These dogs came to pull and it showed. They were full of pep and energy. There were dogs of all size, shape and color.

I wasn't the only Popsicle there, but no one else was leaving until it was over.

I couldn't make it to the sled dog races that were going on the same time, but I'll be there tomorrow.

If you want to know the outcome of the dog weight pull or the standings in the dog sled race, go to .

To see more of my photos from today, click here.
If you live in the Anchorage area, go get your Rondy on!


Meggie said…
I'm guessing these doggies get pretty excited about competing just like sled dogs.
Dave Dorsey said…
Yes they do Meggie. Some of them are walking on two legs to the start they are so excited. It's a fun event to watch for sure.