We went to check out the Alaaka Bird Observatory, but it was closed for the weekend. So our next stop was Creamer Field, formerly Creamers Dairy. It hasn't been an operating dairy since the mid-sixty's. the community raised money to ensure the farm fields were preserved so the birds would continue to stopover along their migratory route.

The farm is now managed by the state of Alaska as part of the 1800 acres that make up Creamer's Refuge. The structures are the only surviving pioneer dairy buildings in Interior Alaska and were admitted to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.

Sunday was cloudy but with no rain when we started our walk through the refuge. There is a well layed out nature walk map available at the Visitors Center. The staff was very helpful also giving us several tips.

We only could stay about 2 hours because of other commitments. But during that time we saw Sandhill Cranes, Robins, Cliff Swallows, Sparrows, Yellow Warbler, Waterthrush, and Chickadee's.

We definately have to make it back again when we can stay longer.

Check out Friends of Creamer's Field and ADF&G Creamer's Field
Migratory Waterfowl Refuge.


Meggie said…
OK< Dave, no fair! I can't determine what the second photo is. I enlarged it a nest of some sort? Insects? I've never seen a bird's nest like that but since your post is about birds, I'm thinking perhaps it is. I'm very confused...easily done, I might add. Help!
Dave said…
Meggie - Sorry. Cliff Swallows nest. By the way, did I say Happy Birthday?
Alex said…
Hi Dave. I found your page via Meggie. must be amazing being in Alaska. And I love your pictures of the birds. They are breathtaking.