The moose is loose

The rain has taken a break finally. But the forcast says it will be cranking up again real soon. Everything is green and the moose have plenty to eat. The little guy in the first picture couldn't have been away from mom for too long. He's a little one for sure.

The one in the second picture is a little older and bigger. It was also more shy. Earlier I ran into a mom and young calf. Go figure I ran into them when I needed to change batteries.


robin andrea said…
We've had a bit of a respite from the chilling fog here. Sunlight rejuvenates old bones. No moose here, but plenty of shorebirds showing up in early migrations. Hope things warm up some there before the winter comes on.
Alan Green said…
Do you ever wonder how Israeli Camels are like Canadian Moose?

Check out Canada's Israel (
) to read a cool story about camels and moose.
Meggie said…
Such cool critters, indeed! Perhaps your temps will now get into the 80s??