Goodbye Clare

A long time blogging friend is shutting down his blog. Clare at The House and other Arctic musings is calling it quits. Clare has a lovely young family at the beautiful Kiggavik B&B he ownes and operates (which is what the blog was started about) in his little town of Arctic Bay.

I didn't post often to his blog but I spent many a times reading his post. I have never met him in person, but if he knocked on my front door, I would know who he is. You would also if you had the pleasure of reading his blog. Over the years he told us about building his B&B and when it was done he told us of some of the people who stayed there. We found out what a fine cook he is, which his customers were lucky to find out in person. He told us stories of when he was in the RCMP, some funny, interesting and sad. He told stories of his families history like going to war during The War to End All Wars. He also told us of the very interesting life he lives in the High Arctic and the wildlife around it. We shared an admiration of Ravens.

But his real love is his family, his wife Leah and children Travis and Hilary. It's not hard to figure out if you read the frequent post about them. It sounds to me like that is part of the reason for the end to his blogging times. You know what? That's a darn good reason.

So goodbye Clare. It was a lot of fun reading your blog. You'll be missed.


robin andrea said…
I didn't comment there very often, but I did read his wonderful posts quite often. He introduced me to the world of the arctic, all of its shades and nuances. He will be missed, and I hope he returns at some point to tell us stories of the great north.
Meggie said…
Goodbye Clare! Take good care of yourself and your family! Our blog world is a better place because of you.
Duncan said…
Nicely put Dave, Clare's blog was a window into another world for me. Yours too by the way, although it's that flamin' cold here at the moment that I might just as well be up in the Arctic!