A few friends dropped in unannounced.

Megan, a friend from TLC, and I were out on Camp Carrol on Friday. When we were leaving we heard these real loud helicopters that sounded like they were almost right overhead. We looked to see what was going on and all of a sudden there were a few unannounced visitors. It was a guard weekend and they were practicing their stuff.


Meggie said…
Nothing like friends dropping out of the sky....mine do it all the time.....NOT!
Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
Are they power lines in the foreground? I hope it's just a perspective trick and the guards aren't really dropping in between them!
Dave said…
Meggie - They were a little noisy also. :)

Gouldiae - Power lines are between me and them. I was across the street from where they were dropping. They seemed to be very good at what they did, but I don't think they wanted to go between power lines. :)