You ought to see Potter Marsh

Ruth and I went to the newly reopened Potter Marsh last night. Wow! It's nice and the new boardwalk is loooong.

I'll write more about it later. We're packing for a weekend trip to Fairbanks in the morning.

Speaking of trip, is that Tripp in the last picture?????


robin andrea said…
The marsh looks like a grand place to visit. Tripp is such a cutie.

Hope you have a safe and good journey to Fairbanks.
Meggie said…
It's about time we had a recent photo of the little guy...what a cutie! Have a safe trip to Fairbanks.
Trixie said…
Look at that handsome, healthy boy! I hope you enjoyed Fairbanks. Was there sun there?
Dave said…
Tripp does steal the show.

Trixie - there was sun and blue skies on Saturday.

We had a blast.