Its been a disappointing summer so far

Weather wise that is. In Anchorage we haven't reached the 70° mark more than 3 times this summer. We've had a lot of cloudy days and then recently a lot of rain.

I know, quit complaining. Back east the story is different. All hot sunny days and no rain. I guess I got spoiled the last couple of years with the really nice summers we had. But I like being spoiled.

Forest fires have been at a minimum. They even shipped the smoke jumpers outside to help in other states.

Everything is green and growing. Tourism has been lite. But that's not because of the weather. Gas prices have left most RV's outside. That hasn't stopped the cruise ships though. Allergies either. This has been my worst summer for them.

I guess it's been good for wildlife and photography though. The wildlife has been very abundant and the cloudy weather is good for the reflection shots I like so much.


John said…
Right now, staying below 70 sounds pretty good to me, since we are in the middle of a string of days where temperatures have stayed above 70 (even at night).
For The People said…
We don't get down to 70 at night! It was 109 with heat indices here yesterday! Love the post. Will drop back by!
Dave said…
John - I've head about the fun you've been having back east.

FTP - Welcome to AroundAnchorage. I'll pass on the 109°. I would like a little 70°ish though0
Meggie said…
Here's hoping that August will be a bit warmer for you folks in our 49th state.
Dave said…
Meggie - I hope so too! :)
robin andrea said…
We've been having very cool, foggy days for weeks. Only the past three days has the sun actually been shining on us. Seventy degrees would be a heatwave for us! For most of July we didn't even hit 60, and only 10 miles east of us, the temps go up at least 30 degrees. It's wild.

I hope august is warmer for both of us, dave.
Dave said…
Robin - it sounds like you're having similar weather. I'm not to concerned about how warm it gets, but I would like to see a little more blue sky and a little sun. :)