Fall is hanging on

Fall is putting on quite a fight to stay around. We have been getting below freezing temperatures and night and our fair share of rain, but the leaves are putting on a heck of a color show.

The migratory birds are starting to leave, but a lot of the die hards are still around. It's nothing more amazing then looking up and seeing a large formation of swans overhead.

The snow is holding out in the mountains also. I'm expecting to wake up any morning right now to having a white lawn.

My front yard and garden is all put away. That's a first for me in a couple of years. No looking for the garden gnomes under the snow. Hang in there fall!!


robin andrea said…
Temps in the 30s here in the mountains at night. Last weekend it was 100 degrees, with lows in the 60s, so the drop was pretty dramatic. I would love to have a real autumn that lasts more than a week.
ntrpnktina said…
hey. i don't know if you remember me but i am Carissa Whisamore. I used to live on 13th and C Street. Cassie and my sister Melissa were best friends. I tried to add her on Myspace but can't cuz she only allows people who are her friends to send her messages and to be her friend you have to know her email. lol. so i can't connect with her. could you have her email me? its Thanks.
Dave said…
Robin - We've been very lucky this year. I hope you like your new place.

Carissa - I passed this on to Cassie. Nice hearing from you.