Look out! I got new equipment.

It's time to put the Sony H9 away and upgrade. I've been doing a lot of research, checking out the Nikon D5000, the Sony A330 and the Canon T1i. The Canon T1i won hands down.

The Old Sony H9 has been an excellent camera. Sony no longer makes it, but has replaced it with a much cheaper model that doesn't come close to the H9. I've used it right at 2 years now and I've enjoyed it a lot. But if I'm going to have more fun with photography, it's time to upgrade.

I ordered the body only, not wanting the lens that came with the kit. The EF28-105mm lens came highly recommended as an all around lens. Unfortunately it hasn't arrived yet. My friend Britt has loaned me her 24-70mm (WOW, thanks Britt!) until it arrives, hopefully soon.

We went down to Ship Creek for a test drive. The sun was out and a little wind too, but I got a few shots in before we had to call it quits. I have a lot to learn about the T1i, but I'm happy with my decision. I'll be bringing you more photo's real soon!

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robin andrea said…
Excellent photos, dave. The quality is sharp and beautiful. Looking forward to more images.
John said…
Have fun with your new camera! I'm sure you will be producing some quality images with it.
Britt said…
Welcome to the SLR world!!! :)
Dave said…
Thanks everyone!
Clare said…
Woo hoo. I'm tickled for you. I've very satisfied with my Canon. Have fun!
Meggie said…
Good luck with the new purchase. I know how challenging a new camera can be. Have fun!