Frontier Fun Fliers

Not much was happening, so it was time to go for a drive and see what you can find. I was looking for bridges and train trestles when we came upon an RC plane show out at Peters Creek. The folks were very hospitable and told us all about what was going on.

There was constant work going on in the pits of all types of planes at all levels. The weather held off and the worst going on while we were there was the gray clouds.

They all put on quite a show and invited us to another one on Tuesday nite at Begich Middle School in Anchorage at 7:30.

I didn't like any of my air shots, but to see more, check out Britts website. Thanks for the hospitality fellas and a great show!


Britt said…
They were nice people and it was fun watching them fly!
Meggie said…
There is a group that flies their planes at a park nearby. Such a cool hobby! It's great watching them navigate.
Dave said…
Britt - It was fun!

Meggie - These people have a lot into this hobby!