Life is good!

I've had a lot of ups and downs this year, but all and all things have been good. A couple things helped me make it through the down times. One has been family. I got some great kids. Then there's friends. Good friends are always there, no matter what. The other is to get away and see what is out there for us to enjoy.

I enjoy getting out and doing photography. A good friend told me to be careful to not miss what you are taking pictures of. I almost drove past this moose enjoying dinner. It wasn't too phased by me. I kept my distance because I didn't want to disturb it, or at least keep it to a minimum.

It's OK to miss a good shot if you enjoy what you see. You might not get to share that shot with others, but you'll always have it in that hard drive on your shoulders. Sometimes you can't enjoy what your seeing through a view finder either.

After it stopped raining yesterday, things were pretty quiet. I got to hear mother nature. The leaves have fallen and what ones haven't will be
blown away by the high winds they are predicting today.

Winter is around the corner. I'm ready.


robin andrea said…
Getting out and seeing what's around is probably the best balance to the ups and downs of life. Roger and I are going to hike some new trail today. It's what keeps life sane and interesting. said…
Late night calls to my brother who lives far away help me.
Meggie said…
This time of year in Pa is full of color and wonder. Almost takes your breath away. A good support system is priceless when life throws us a curve ball. Glad you had a good one.