Hey, head south!

The temps at night have been getting below zero and staying low during the day. We had some gusty winds yesterday that kept the wind chill low. So what that means is our lakes and ponds are starting to freeze over. The open water is limited and very crowded.

I went to Cuddy Park yesterday and enjoyed my Latte' and muffin inside my warm truck Lucille. I also enjoyed watching the ducks and geese attempting to share this limited open water. It got to be humorous after a bit. Some were resting and others restless.

The thing to remember is that we need not feed these guys. The more they rely on us for food the longer they wait to migrate. If they migrate now, the less they play bumper cars on ice, or have cold feet.

I know they're hard to resist. They want your muffin more than you. They have that look that makes you feel bad if you don't feed them. But, they need to move on. Don't worry, they'll be back next spring.

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Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
You're right, that waterhole looks a little crowded. Shame you couldn't tell them, "The lattes and muffins are just as good down south - get a move on."
robin andrea said…
Those lattes and muffins must be pretty tasty, though, to keep them hanging around that freezing lake.
Meggie said…
Yikes! Below zero already?!! I'm grateful for our 30 degree nights.
Dave said…
G - I went there yesterday and it's all frozen over now. No choice bu to move on.

Robin - Keeps me hanging around. :)

Meggie - yep, it's winter here for sure!