Does this look like spring to you???

Tuesday night I'm going out to Camp Carroll and this is what it looked like. Not spring! Ol' Man Winter is hanging on for sure. That's a nice slop puddle in the first pix. It freezes, it melts, it freezes.

How did those guys in WWII stand being in those tanks during the
winter? Bbrrr.

Mr young moose was enjoying the buds on the trees though.


robin andrea said…
It hasn't been much of a spring here yet either. I'm really looking forward to some sunshine, but I keep reading that it's going to dip down to 34F Saturday. I just hope it doesn't snow.
RuthieJ said…
Gosh Dave, that just sucks! And it's cold too! With April over half gone, winter can't last too much longer, can it?

Word Verification: sfuxj (LOL)
Dave said…
Robin - It's been getting below freezing every night, but the temps are suppose to reach 50° on Sunday. Yeah!

Ruthie - I hope not. The newspaper says another 4 - 5 weeks before we can plant gardens. ARGH!
Meggie said…
We've had a few days in a row of nice weather. I'm willing to share if I could. I'm thinking positive thoughts for tropical breezes to be heading your way. Don't lose the faith....easy for me to's predicted to get near 80 today.
April said…
That looks a little like our weather, too. Up and down - there is a very cold wind blowing today and it snowed last night here in central B.C. But there are buds on the trees and shrubs and a lot of other indications of spring. The young moose sure looks huge. Enjoyed your post. :)
Marvin said…
I must admit that your photos do not coincide with my concept of spring. I'd send you some warmer weather if I could, but don't you dare send any sub-freezing temps down my direction. That happened about this time last year and it was a heartbreaking mess.
Dave said…
Meggie - It's suppose to hit 50° on Sunday, so those thoughts made it through.

April - Thanks April. I looked over my flower garden today. There's green stuff breaking through the ground. It's still getting below freezing at night but the days have been sunny.

Marvin - Would I do that ? : Come on spring!