I was going nuts!

Between work, volunteer work and being sick, there was no play time. We got what is probably our last significant snow fall of the season. So there was more color in the world, at least around here. So it was time to go take some pictures.

I had no idea where we were going. We were just headed north and just far enough to where we could turn around in time to be home for dinner. There was some sunshine and still a little snow falling, but we were away from it all.

We stopped in Eagle River first. The state park was still closed for the season, but we got some good shots of the chalet from across the river. There were eagles around, but no good shots of them.

After getting a mocha, we headed towards Knick. Knick is named after a glacier, but we didn't go as far as the glacier. It's not accessible by car and we didn't have time to hike it. I hadn't been back this way in a few years. They actually paved the road and put in a park since I was back there last.

The weather was holding out. It was a little chilly, but other wise from that it was a nice day. We found an old junk yard that was also helping the banks of the river from eroding away.

It was finally time to head home. We still had things to do there, but at least we got to get away for a few hours.

Click on the album below to see more pix's. I hope you had a good weekend!


robin andrea said…
It does look beautiful there. Glad you had time to take a drive and good long around. Beautiful pics, dave.
Trixie said…
Nice Knik shots...
Meggie said…
Beautiful shot, Dave. I'm wishing warmer weather your way.
Dave said…
Thanks ladies. We've been having some snow for sure but it's suppose to turn warmer this weekend.