I got home after a depressing afternoon at work and was sitting in the living room. The sun was blasting in the window and I thought "what a waste being inside". We couldn't go far, so we headed to the port and then to West Chester Lagoon Nature Trail.

The temperature is in the low 30's and there's a slight breeze so it's a little chilly. But I had to get out. The sun was so bright, the sky was mostly clear and the ducks and geese are back.

There's still plenty of snow and ice around, but it is making progress in melting off. Hopefully the snow we were having has ended for the season. According to last nights news, we've set a new record for snow in April and it's only the 11th.

So while we were out, we saw gulls, a bald eagle, Canada geese, mallards, a golden eye, magpies, and ravens. We were only out about 1 1/2 hour.

Come on SPRING!!!!


robin andrea said…
I've got spring fever too! Yesterday the temps soared into the 60s. Yay. Now I want more. I hope your snow melts soon and spring comes blazing in for good.
Dave said…
Robin - our temps have been soaring into the 30s. Come on spring!
Meggie said…
I'm sending warm weather and mild breezes you way, Dave. Hope you can feel it soon in Anchorage.