A little help from Robin

From the comments by Robin from Dharma Bums on the last post "I photoshopped it, just to lighten it up a bit and you really captured a juvenile in transition. It's grand."

I got it Robin and it looks great. I went out there again today, but he wasn't there. It's snowing pretty hard and it's probably hiding in the trees.


robin andrea said…
It's a beauty, dave. I couldn't believe all those lighter feathers around its head. What a cool bird. I hope you get to see him often and take lots of photos.
RuthieJ said…
Neat picture of the young eagle!
I'm sorry to hear you're getting snow again :-(
Dave said…
Robin - I keep an eye out for him. There's a mature eagle that hangs out in that area also.

Ruthie - Thanks. We're getting even more. Weather predictions are we are suppose to get in the low 40's today. :)