The Moose and the Magpie

If you live in Alaska and you're having good weather, you have to enjoy it while you can. The last couple of days have been great. The temps are rising and the sun is out and were getting to enjoy it longer everyday.

Monday after dinner the sun was still shining bright. I had to get out, but didn't want to go too far. So I headed on over to West Chester Lagoon Nature Trail. Even if nothing is going on, the scenery is always great and the sunsets lately have been awesome.

Not much was happening so I decided to head back to my truck. That's when I noticed a young moose wading through the marsh. As I was taking pix's, I noticed a magpie that wouldn't cut it a break. It was squawking at every move it made. That young moose just mossied along hardly paying any attention to the magpie at all. That magpie just wouldn't give up.

After a bit I gave up and started to mossie towards the truck when I noticed the magpie hopping on the moose for a ride. it would peck at the moose and fly off. A few minutes later it would do it again and again, but the moose really didn't care. Once it turned around and looked at the magpie, then it went back to more munching.

After the moose mossied far enough away, the magpie gave up. I believe it's just a little too early for the magpie to be protecting a nest, but then maybe not. Check out more pix's with the link below.



Meggie said…
You know that moose posts are my favorite, Dave! Perhaps these two are best buds from way back? I was never really sure what a magpie looked like until now. Great slide I know. Thanks for the wildlife lesson.
robin andrea said…
What a great slideshow, dave. That's one very mellow moose, and one very persistent magpie. Wonderful show.
bettina said…
Hi there. I have been watching your beautiful pictures for a while, but I wanted to wait until my book was up on Amazon before I posted. Magpies love to hang out with moose for the fleas and ticks! It's easy food for the bird, and a great way for the moose to get rid of the creepy critters.

Looking forward to future posts.

Moose and Magpie
Dave said…
Bettina - Thanks for your kind comments. Good luck on your book. I think I'll pick up a couple copies for my grand kids.