Not much going on

There wasn't much going on today. We made a trip out to Ft. Richardson and decided to go on the backside of the base to take some pictures. The weather really wasn't the best for it. Cloudy, dusty and gray. It looked like it was going to rain any minute.

We did spot an immature Bald Eagle spotting us from the top of a pine tree. This was the best shot and it's not all that good. Later on we spotted an eagles nest that's been empty for the winter. We'll check it out later next month to see if it has any occupants.

Here's a sign that will work to keep trespassers off of your property.


Meggie said…
Thanks for taking me along on your lazy need one of those once in awhile.
robin andrea said…
Hey Dave, that juvenile eagle is really quite a beautiful shot. I photoshopped it, just to lighten it up a bit and you really captured a juvenile in transition. It's grand. I'll send it to the old webmaster email address I have on file for you. I hope you get it.
Dave said…
Meggie - there's always room for you. :)

Robin - I got it and I liked it.
Marvin said…
I need one of those signs.