Spring, finally!

The weather has been awesome (fingers crossed so not to jinx things). The temps have been hitting almost 50° and the sun has been out everyday since Saturday. The snow is melting, the mud is drying up and hell, I wore shorts all day Sunday.

At home the yard has been raked, all the dog poop is gone, some grass is starting to turn green, it's gotta be the real spring. I still have to wait a little on the garden, but it's all ready for some plant life.

There's even more activity going on around town. I've seen neighbors that I know I haven't seen since last fall and the hot dog carts are out downtown.

I didn't make it to Hawk Watch this year, but from the reports I've heard it must have been something. I've heard of lots of Golden Eagles, Rough-legged Hawks, Northern Hawk Owls, you name it. I stayed close to home and got to see some Golden Eye's, American Dippers, Northern Pintail and of course tons of Canada Geese, Mallards, Gulls, etc.

....and the sunsets. We weren't the only ones watching them.


Charmingdesigns said…
BEAUTIFUL photos!! I've been to Anchorage once. I'm from Oregon.
robin andrea said…
I think we have your old winter weather. We woke Saturday morning to snow! It's been cold and gray ever since. Send some of that sun down our way, Dave. Glad it's warming up there.
Trixie said…
Yup, no jinxing from here either. I tried to go to the Hawk Watch, but we were all suffering from the crud and being in a car for five hours just seemed like wayyyy too much work. Sigh...

Maybe next year.

I haven't gotten the shorts out yet, but I went to Fred's in flip flops.
Dave said…
Charming - Come on back. It's my favorite town.

Robin - I got warm wishes goig your way but I'm keeping some for myself just in case. :)

Trixie - I'll do flops this weekend. I don't need to scare the neighbors too much all at once. :) I hope your clan is all better.
Meggie said…
Soooo happy to hear that warmer weather has finally graced you folks in Anchorage. Let's hope is stays. Of course your longer days certainly help with the growing season. Hang in there...pretty soon it will be time to plant.
Marvin said…
Congratulations on your spring. Awesome sunset photo.

We will, of course, expect photos of your first 2008 foray into shorts and flip-flops.
Dave said…
Meggie - Thanks!

Marvin - You want me to run everyone off???