and then there's more snow

Today was day 2 of the first snow storm for this winter and we're headed to one of our favorite city's in Alaska, Seward. Traffic wasn't bad on the trip down, but coming back, well we won't talk about that.

First stop was Bird Point. The bathrooms are kind of new and clean so Ruth likes to stop there. We were the first ones back in there on this snow fall. It had that blanket of silence and the smell of mother nature clean. We were on a mission for Bird TLC and I wanted to make it back home by sunset (4:20 PM). I should have known we would be back later.

Our next stop was at Turnagain Pass. For most of the trip it had been snowing and foggy. Most of the pix's were not so hot from up here.

We got a few shots of a couple Trumpeter Swans at Summit Lake. They'll be moving on soon. The lake is freezing over pretty good.

Next stop, Seward. Holy cow, the wildlife was out in Seward today. We saw Harbor Seals, Otters, gulls, ducks, Ravens, Crows, Eagles, you can just about name it for the winter wildlife. They were enjoying the fresh snow and the nice

+32°F temperature just like we were.

I wanted to make it home before it was too dark and the roads would be real bad, so we started to head back. We stopped outside of Seward near an old gravel pit and took some shots of a railroad trestle. The snow was still sticking to it and it made some great pix's.

We continued on back to Anchorage without anymore stops. The traffic was heavy and people either driving too slow or way too fast. Oops, I said I wouldn't talk about that. All in all it was a good day!

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robin andrea said…
Your photos really do capture the essence of snowfall. The top one especially conveys the varying shades of white and gray on a snowy day.
Meggie said…
My favorite photos is the one of the railroad trestle...amazing. 32 degrees and snowing is a perfect winter day for me....oh, I forgot, it's not winter yet.
Dave said…
Robin - I couldn't wait for snow. Everything was gray and borring.

Meggie - That is my favorite also. We passed it on the way to Seward but had to stop on the way back. It had snowed some more.
LauraHinNJ said…
Beautiful pics, Dave. Thanks for sharing them! I'm hoping we'll get lots of snow this winter.
Trixie said…
I love me some Seward! What a great day. Glad you had some good driving. We were not so lucky.