We got snow!

Not a lot, but we finally got snow. Heck, it was in the low 40's the last couple of days. But today I woke up to snow. So it was time to go take some pix's of anything that was not gray.

First stop was East Chester Lagoon. It was full of ducks and geese. I tried to tell them that they needed to head south, so they headed for me. That's what happens when you feed the wild birds at the lake. They get use to it and won't leave for warmer climates when they are suppose to. The water will freeze over soon and they will have to move on or else.

At Inlet View Elementary a few kids were trying to make the best of the little bit of snow we had got so far. Be patient. I'm sure there's more on the way.

I went over to West Chester Lagoon. It's where the Trail Watch program all started. Volunteers receive safety training, agree to carry cell phones reporting suspicious activity, post incident reports on the Trail Watch website and wear distinctive arm bands. Through this highly visible presence, crime is discouraged and residents feel safer as they use the trails to run, ski, walk their dogs, ride their horses, bike or commute to work.

There was one trail watcher sitting in a tree just watching things go by and enjoying the snow.

Nobody was sitting down on the benches taking a breather though. There were plenty of people out enjoying the trail, but they all kept moving.


Meggie said…
Gosh those bald eagles are majestic looking! You folks in Alaska are spoiled having them so prevalent in your area. (I'm guessing you don't feel very spoiled when the temps fall into the single digits and the snow mounts.) Do you see many moose?
robin andrea said…
Nice to see the snow there, dave. Maybe winter is really beginning. When I look at the photo of the eagle, you show me the one thing that really makes me miss home.
Trixie said…
Yep. Driving down from Glen Alps was a joy. Why do people try this road without studs? Hmmm....
Dave said…
Meggie - Didn't see moose today, but they are all around. Eagles always amaze me.

Robin - Winter is here. It's still snowing. :)

Trixie - I haven't used studded tires in almost 25 years. Driving around in Anchorage right now is a joy. :)