Moose for Meggie

A couple of days ago Meggie asked if I ever ran into moose. Well, on the way home for lunch there were 4 moose crossing the road just down from the house. Twin calves and Ma & Pa Moose. By the time I could safely stop Lucille and get out with the camera, Ma & Pa were in the woods.


Meggie said…
OMG! They are fabulous! I'm so excited that you got the photos.... I decided to check your blog before going to bed this evening and now I am so happy that I did. Thanks so much, Dave. Can you see the hugh smile on my face? What wonderful creatures they are! Night night!
White Cats said…
Wow! You already have real snow. Duh, I guess you would as you're in Alaska. Check out my Alabama snow! Your moose pictures are outstanding. We see deer down here near our house. Moose seem so exotic. Thanks for sharing.
Dave said…
Meggie - I thought you would get a kick out of that.

WC - your snow is a little warmer. :) Thanks for stopping by.
robin andrea said…
Great moose shots! Just looking at them reminded me that I had a dream about moose the other night. I don't have any idea why, I've never seen one in the wild. These pics make me wish they walked around my woods.
Susie said…
Hi Dave,
Just stopped in from Meggies to see your moose pix. I'm so glad I did.
I read your post below.
We sailed by cruise ship into Seward in 2001 and then took a bus to Anchorage. We stopped at a wildlife place along that road and that was the only time we've seen a moose in AK (We've been back two other times)
Such beautiful country!
Dave said…
Robin - moose dreams? LOL! Moose are interesting animals for sure.

Susie - The place you visited was Big Game Alaska now called Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. There's plenty of moose to be seen here but maybe a little easier during winter. I'm glad you like to visit my favorite state!