My mind was everywhere's today

I do a lot of in town driving for my work. In between accounts I stop at some of my favorite places to write down notes or just clear my head. Today the head was clogged.

Bohemian Waxwings were going crazy by the Lousac Library. They were swarming all over the place looking for those berries.

After I left there I was just driving back to the store. You always see a Raven on top of the lamp post. I've driven down some streets where there was a Raven on top of every streetlight. However, today I saw two on top of a lamp post. That was a first for me. I turned around and pulled into a parking lot, got out and was shooting pix's. People probably thought I was nuts (there's a first).

Hey, if you would, think good thoughts about my buddy Aggie. He went in for exploratory surgery today. They found a 5 pound mass next to his liver. They removed the mass and they think he'll be alright. He's awake, but he's real groggie. We'll bring him home tomorrow.


robin andrea said…
Good thoughts and best wishes to Aggie. He looks like a fine old dog. Have you had him a long time?

You made me laugh, dave. "People probably thought I was nuts (there's a first)." Very funny.
Dave said…
Thanks Robin. Aggie has been with us almost 11 years. He's part lab and beagle.
Meggie said…
Hey Dave: Aggie's got my thoughts and prayers. I'm sure he's part of the family. Keep us posted. What would life be without our critters?
Trixie said…
Sending good thoughts to Aggie! What a technologically proficient dog.

I had a raven looking down at me, tilting his head to and fro, and vocalizing to me when I went into Freddie's yesterday. I answered back, bird answered some more. Yeah, I got loads of strange looks for that. I also used to have one talk to me from the dome of the Russian Orthodox church in Juneau. We chatted everyday I walked to work.
Dave said…
Thanks Meggie and trixie. Aggie is one of the older kids. He's doing better today now that he's home. He's eating a little now also.

Trixie - Ravens are very social and always curious. I find them to be very fun and amussing.