More snow and more moose

Today was another day that Ruth and I decided we just had to get out. It had been snowing since we got up and had that fresh blanket of snow look and feel. We had our usual breakfast at Peggy's Restaurant, came back home and dressed for 23°.

First stop, West Chester Lagoon on the north side. It still has some open water and some ducks looking for a hand out. We walked up the trail for a bit when Ruth spotted three moose running on the trail across the creek from us.

Something had spooked them. They calmed down, circled around for a bit and then decided that was a good place to take a nap. Mom and two calves, again. I'm not sure if they were the same ones from the other day, but it was about a mile away I saw the ones from the Moose for Meggie post.

Things had calmed down so we decided to go over to the Cook Inlet side of the lagoon. It was pretty busy with skiers and their dogs, joggers and hikers. There were lots of Ravens out enjoying the fresh snow. Those birds know how to play.

From there it was to Kincaid Park. We figured it be busy with skiers and sledders and we were right. There has to be a lot of tired kids and parents tonight. They seemed to having a blast.

We hiked down to the inlet. All along the way the fresh snow was still coming down. The spooky looking old cottonwood trees looked like they just stepped out of a holiday card.

We headed back to the truck all covered in snow. It sure was a pretty day. I was tuckered out when we got home.


robin andrea said…
Looks like you had a great day, dave. Sure is pretty to see that snow, especially from our warm and toasty California climate!
Dave said…
Robin - You're not rubbing it in are you? :)
Susie said…
Hi Dave,
The snow is beautiful!
Glad it's you and not me though. We have rain here in the SF bay area of CA.
Dave said…
Susie - I prefer the snow over rain any day. I do more in the snow than I do in the rain. Snowy days make better pix's also.
Meggie said…
Fab photos, Dave. Of course my favorites are those of the moose. The snow looks beautiful...what are the temps in Anchorage these days? I LOVE skiing as long as the temps are around 30 degrees...perhaps a bit colder, but not much. Sledding is so much fun but those kiddos slept well that night. Thanks for taking me along with you and Ruth. I sure do enjoy the scenery. Happy Thanksgiving!
Dave said…
Meggie - Thanks for coming along for the ride. The temp's have been in the high 40's. Kinda unusual for this time of year. I got more moose pic's coming up soon. :)
White Cats said…
I love the idea of hiking in the snow. Sounds heavenly. Lena
bj said…
Hi to Dave and Ruth, I just found your delightful site and am so glad I did. My hubby will enjoy seeing these pics...his one, lifetime desire is to come to Alaska. He would so love it. We just never had the finances but we ARE considering an Alaskan cruise.
The snow is so pretty but I am not a cold weather person...I like the Bahamas best! HA!
I am fairly new to blogging and would love for ya'll to stop by. YOU won't like's all girly stuff but RUTH might!!
We're in West Texas and it's 32 degrees and freezin' my butt off! Can't even IMAGINE the cold there!
Ya'll must be tuff !!