Bye-Bye Maggie

In 1983, the Alaska Zoo acquired Maggie, a baby orphan elephant originating from Zimbabwe, to provide its solitary Asian female elephant, Annabelle, company. The two were housed together until Annabelle's death in 1997. Since then, Maggie has been the lone elephant at the zoo. She is 24 years old and should live another 40 years.

In the past few years it had become a concern if it is best for Maggie to live in Alaska in a climate that's not natural for elephants. The answer to that I don't know, but I can tell you she has had the best care possible while she resided at the Alaska Zoo.

Maggie has moved to San Andreas, CA to live with an organization called PAWS, Performing Animal Welfare Society. At their expense they moved Maggie from the Alaska Zoo with the complete approval of the Zoo, it's directors and many of her friends in Alaska. Everyone involved with Maggie here in Alaska love her and want the best for her.

To see Maggie and the other elephant at PAWS, check out their web cam.

To read updates at the Alaska Zoo, check out their website.

Maggie, we will miss you but do wish for all the best in your new home.

Photo credit: NY Times


robin andrea said…
I hope Maggie's new life is absolutely wonderful for her. I love when animals are well cared for and their well being a top priority.
LauraHinNJ said…
Hope she has a warm sunny future ahead. Love that pic!
Meggie said…
Sometimes it is difficult to do what is best for our animals. We miss them when they are gone, no matter what the circumstances. Sounds like Maggie will have a great new home and lots of company and years to enjoy her new friends.
Dave said…
Thanks ladies. Maggie already looks like she's enjoying herself at PAWS. She will be missed.