Sunrises and duckies

Thankfully we have been getting some nice sunrises this week. With the warm temperatures the snow has melted and we've gone back to a dreary gray most of the time. Sunrise is about 9:30 AM now and I get to see them while I'm at work. This time of year is a little challenging though because you go to work when it's dark and come home when it's dark.

There are still plenty of ducks hanging around. With the warm temps the lakes have opened up. With more open water they have more room to hang out. People are still feeding them also. I don't know how the ducks survived before humans came along.

I do like the coloration of the males. It's so opposite of us humans where the male ducks are the prettier ones. Not that the females tempers are the best. There was a lady duck fight while I was there. I don't know who won. When the fight was over they both blended in with the rest of them just fine.

We need some snow!

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Marvin said…
So that's why I haven't seen as many ducks flying over heading south: They're still in Alaska.

Beautiful sunrise photos.
Meggie said…
Maybe the two females were fighting over whose male was prettier? Great sunrise shots. How do you adjust to the limited daylight? I'm in hibernation mode...our sunrises are around 6:30AM, but the shorter days make me want to sit on the couch and snooze.
Dave said…
Marvin - They need to head your way. The temps are suppose to dip tonight.

Meggie - That adjustment is another story. I've lived here a long time and hardly notice it. I don't know why as a state we participate in daylight savings time.